Front Page

  • Gift Items At Wholesale Prices: You determine your retail prices and profit margins.
  • Risk Free...NO Upfront Cost: You pay only for the items you sell and only after the program has been completed. Anything you don't sell can be returned.
  • FREE Shipping on All Orders and Returns.
  • Top Quality Kid Priced Items: Most items are priced under $3, which means greater participation by your students.
  • Great Selection: Popular gift items are "pre-selected" for your convenience. No order taking is necessary.
  • Exclusive Licensed Gifts.
  • FREE Promotional Materials and Supplies: 
    • Planning and Promotion Guide: Contains planning calendars, sample letters to parents and teachers, helpful suggestions and more.
    • Complete Instructions: A step-by-step guide to walk you through your entire program.
    • Take Home Flyer: Color flyers for students to take home explaining the program. You can imprint program details on the backside of the flyer.
    • Gift List Planner Envelope: For students to plan their purchases and hold their money. One envelope per student.
    • Tablecloths and Door-sized Poster: Decorate your gift display tables and shop entrance.
    • Gift Bags and Shopping Bags: Kids can wrap and carry their gifts.

The Gift Line

Over 120 Unique Gifts!

Every year, our gift selection features over 120 unique gifts, including toys, plush, fashion jewelry, figurines, household gifts, and much more. At the Holiday Gift Shop, we try to make your job as easy as possible-When it comes to picking the gifts, we do all the work for you by "pre-selecting" popular gift items. When you sign up for your Gift Shop, we will also work with you to determine the best amount to order, based on the number of students at your school.

Gifts for the Whole Family

We have a wide selection of gifts tailored to appeal to every member of the family. Many of our gifts are personalized for specific relatives, make it easy for your students to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. With gifts like mom and dad mugs, dad and grandpa tool sets, mom and grandma gardening tools, sister and brother magnets, and many other individualized gifts, your students will have no trouble finding something for everyone on their list.

Gift Boxes

Most of our gifts come in attractive full-color gift boxes. This makes the gifts much more attractive to the students shopping in your store, and much nicer for your students to give to their families. Our gifts are something that families will be excited to receive, and which your students will be proud to give!

Fashion Jewelry

We offer a wide selection of high quality fashion jewelry, ranging from simple stud earrings to full earring and necklace sets. Our jewelry is made to the highest standards of quality, completely lead-free, and entirely safe for children. This jewelry isn't the low-quality novelty jewelry you'd find in a dentist office. Our jewelry is made with the the same quality as you would find at a jewelry kiosk at the mall, and you can be assured that it's something your students would be proud to give to their loved ones.

Plush Toys

We've hand-picked some of our cuddliest, cutest, and most popular plush toys for your Holiday Gift Shop. Your students will fall in love with our cute animals, and they're sure to make great gifts for family members!


The first thing we have to remind you is that there is absolutely no upfront cost. You don't have to pay us anything until after your program is finished, and everything that you don't sell gets returned at our expense! There are no deposits, no hidden costs, and no "gotchas."

All of the prices that you pay are wholesale, we pay all the shipping costs and taxes. You will get to determine your retail prices and how much of a profit margin you want to make. When we send you the items, we will provide you with a master invoice which has extensions of 10%, 20%, and 30% markups to help you decide how much to sell your gifts for. It is entirely up to you how much you want to charge for your gifts.


Everything You Need to Run Your Shop

We provide you with all the materials you need to run your Holiday Gift Shop. Included with your gifts, you will receive gift wrapping, shopping bags, table-cloths, promotional materials, and more.

Gift Wrapping

As part of your Holiday Gift Shop package, you will receive colored gift bags in several different sizes so that you can help the kids wrap their presents right in the shop!

Shopping Bags

We provide shopping bags for your students to use for carrying their gifts.

Take Home Flyer

You will be provided with full-color notification flyers to send to your parents. The back side is left blank so that you can photocopy your school's Holiday Gift Shop information onto it.

Money Planners

The Holiday Gift Shop is a good way to teach your students how to manage their money. Each student will be provided with a money envelope to take home, which their parents can help them fill out and plan how much they are going to spend on each of their family members.


To help advertise your Holiday Gift Shop, you will be given full-color posters to put up at your school, with space to write the date and place of the shop.

You will also receive a door-size welcome poster to help you decorate your Holiday Gift Shop.

Table Cloths

You will receive a package of Holiday Gift Shop branded tablecloths to decorate your gift shop.


We also provide you with all sorts of materials to help you run your Holiday Gift Shop, including:

  • Holiday Gift Shop Promotional Guide
  • Holiday Gift Shop Operations Manual
  • Price Labels for all of your Gifts
  • Packing Lists for each box of Gifts, and
  • Return Shipping Labels for when your Holiday Gift Shop is finished.

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